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Today: Sep 26, 2017
Project Planet Bioia

Where Fiction Saves Fact!

The World's First Fictional Encyclopedia

Welcome to the website of Project Planet Bioia (PPB).

Share your Imagination!

Planet Bioia is the only attempted project that combines social media with creativity and imagination. The output of such, will be a book, that when sold, will create a generous amount of money to donate to environmental charities, that normally would not be able to be raised.

To submit an entry:

You must first register as a user, then go to the "Submit an Entry" page, a menu link is also located above.  Once there, select the category of your submission, Animal, Plant, etc., and just type in your submission.

*Note: This website runs best in Firefox.  Some IE browsers may experience display issues.

Featured Submission
Terriorial War of Leniir by "thatguy"

From the year -200 B.H. (Before History) until the year 180 A.W. (Ancient Writings) there was a great territorial war on Leniir. This was the end of Leniir's feudal era, two great warlords had just taken over.

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