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About planetbioia.com

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Planet Bioia is the first ever project that combines social media with creativity and imagination. The output of such, will be a book, that when sold, will create a generous amount of money to donate to environmental charities, that normally would not be able to be raised.

You do not donate money; instead you donate your imagination, in the form of fictitious written and pictorial submissions of alien technology, animals, and plants – literally any conceivable topic. These submissions will be compiled into the form of a coffee table book and fictional encyclopedia of the history and documentation of Planet Bioia, a fictional planet encountered by humans in the 22nd century and inhabited by an alien species that has learned to progress, while conserving their planet for future generations.

While working on a submission, we encourage you to look at life on Earth for thoughts, and to learn of the diversity of nature that needs to be protected – gaining an interest in preserving our Earth now, ensures the continuity of our species and others for future generations.

You should want to contribute by knowing that a whole new planet is being created bit by bit, and your ideas will be a part of it! And then when purchasing a copy of the book, from which the donations will be generated, you will do so knowing that you will be able to learn of new cultures and animals, even if it may not be true, and enjoy fantasizing about this new world.

Planet Bioia can, and will, be the first project in which people, YOU, can help save the Earth, without needing to donate any monetary amount or physical effort. Because it is from the imagination, it is free, and a quality product can be created, at a reduced production cost, making the donations more effective when supporting the other costly projects of environmental preservation groups, such as purchasing amounts of land in order to preserve it from deforestation.