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Countries Map

Below is a map of the 17 countries located on the 5 inhabitable continents.  Currently each country is numbered.  Over time they numbers will be replaced with their names as entries describing them are selected (view the "How It Works..." page).

Lillethra (Country 9)

Lillethra, meaning 'Land (Lille) of Terrors (ethros) is so named because of the feared flying reptilian creatures that were spotted there upon its discovery by the great explorer 'Thuice Arala'. The creatures were in fact docile and herbivorous, though through their alarming appearance gained the name 'Skierthro' meaning 'Air-Scourge '.

The country had previously been separated by Mountains and the great lake, which due to its size, local superstition, and hostile wildlife, had never been crossed. Arala, with pioneering expertise in mountaineering managed to cross the great mountain range to the south. Wide plains met him on the other side, and because of their flat terrain, he could see just how many Skierthros inhabited the area. Upon noting them in his notebook, their name was born, as was that of the country itself. Today, the city of Aradala can be found on the spot where the explorer is believed to have written his first account of the landmass.

Before long, he returned to civilization, noting the location of the area. Ships from across the continent set sail for Lillethra, and it was only then that its scale was realized. while some ships landed on plains, others landed in areas of dense forest, and others in arid desert. Over time, the general Geography of the country was plotted, and three major cities had been founded, Aradala, in the South-East, Tritushio in the Northern forests, and  Tekuchio in the western Deserts.

Aradala gained power due to its fertile terrain, and later became capital of the country.

Submitted by "Chimpskylark."

Maria (Country 12)

Maria, meaning country-near the sea in an old dialect lies in the north of Leniir.  It's people were the first to give up their nomadic ways and develop agriculture.  They thought of other cultures as barbarians and thus did not seek contact with them.  Due to this seclusion the Marians differ the most from all others, having a much smaller build and larger eyes.  They constructed giant cities, but following that stopped developing.  With their big armies they conquered a large part of the continent, however the Acroans in the south developed better weapons and armor, while the Marians still used sticks and wore scaled from the creatures that swam at their coastlines.  The southerners eventually developed so much that their better-equipped armies would slay Marian armies over three times their size.  In this time period Maria was slowly shrinking due to the small victories of the southern warlords who also fought amongst themselves.  The Marians only had a small tip of the continent left when the first age of war was over, but the architecture of the Marians is still present in their conquered cities, which were not burned but inhabited by their conquerers.  The Marians are now known for their smart businessmen and good cooks.

Maria has fertile soil and is rich in wildlife, due to many plants under the surface of the water, there are many sea creatures at the coastlines.  Some of these animals were used for materials for houses and clothes in earlier times.  Also, because some of the soft ground is eroded, deep canyons have formed, in which all rainwater collects.  Most places these areas turned into small lakes, but a few places they have become swamps of mud, appearing just like normal ground.  Due to this it is easy to become confused and step into one and drown in a matter of minutes in the mud and water.  Even some plants grow on this quicksand and a lot of adventurers have been lost while exploring these terrains in history.  Today, the Marians use flying vehicles to travel from city to city to avoid this hazard, but scientists still find unknown species in these swamps on the very rare research trips that are made.

Submitted by "thatguy."