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Terms of Use planetbioia.com

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Terms of Use

PlanetBioia.com produces some content upon which all other content is based. All other content is produced by the site’s users. By submitting content to planetbioia.com the user relinquishes all rights to the content and any profits it might help to generate. We reserve the right to edit any content submitted as well as the right to refuse content. Content available on this site is for personal use only. Any other use or commercial activities are strictly prohibited.

By using this site, you (the user), hereby undertake to adhere to the terms of use detailed herein and any other appended hereto, without evasion, equivocation or reservation of any kind, in the knowledge that failure to comply with the terms will result in suspension or denial of your access to the site and potential legal and civil penalties, together with the right to make the full circumstances publicly known.

Registered users not confirmed within a week of submitting user information will be deleted.