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The Acroans

The Acroans are a highly advanced, and efficient, alien race inhabiting Planet Bioia.  Their civilization has existed for nearly 500,000 years, and throughout this time they have learned to progress and develop new technology, while ultimately preserving their environment for future generations.  They have done so by putting their world before their own needs and have created nature preserves and used only clean technology.  War is almost non-existent, and they could be described as a perfect race of people.

Traits such as greed and jealousy in humans do not exist in the Acroans.  Instead, they are a very generous species and are scientifically driven.  Because of this, Acroans rarely earn wages for their work, instead everyone, from a mechanic to a astronomer does so for free solely because they enjoy it.  Farmers grow and produce and give for free, with the help of a few machines, because they know it is important for the continuation of their species and that their work is crucial part of their species progress.

Humans should look up to the Acroans and how they managed to survive for so long, so we too can prosper and progress, without destroying our home.